Need Help with Your Financial Life?

Maybe you just aren’t a do-it-yourselfer.  Maybe you prefer to have a professional help you with your financial planning.  No shame in that.  Or maybe you prefer to do things yourself, but you wouldn’t mind someone looking over your shoulder to check your work.  Either way, we’ve got you covered.  Visit Starks Financial Group and tell ’em SimpleMoney sent you.  Starks Financial is the financial planning and investment firm that Dawn Starks founded over 20 years ago.  She has trained and built a group of ridiculously competent planners who happen to also be fabulous human beings.


Net Worth Statement

Track your assets and liabilities and find out just how much you are worth.  The net worth statement is a snap-shot of your overall financial health.  Update your net worth statement at least once per year.  For help with building your net worth statement, see this blog post.
Download Net Worth Statement PDF (42 KB)


Cash Flow Statement

Track your income and expenses here.  This is different than a budget, but the cash flow statement can be instrumental in creating your budget.  The cash flow statement is a look back at the past year of how your money flowed.  Work from a completed cash flow statement to create your forward-looking budget.  Update your cash flow statement at least once per year.  For help with building your cash flow statement, see this blog post.
Download Cash Flow Form PDF (63 KB)


Document Locator

Fill out this handy tool to make sure that the person stepping in to handle your finances if you are incapacitated can do so with ease.  Simplify your financial life by getting your important papers organized, and then identify where everything is located using this tool.
Download Personal Document Locator PDF (127 KB)


Eliminate Paper

Discover 4 quick ways to dramatically reduce the paper in your life!
Download Eliminate Paper PDF (160 KB)

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