Things to Do (and Not Do) During Quarantine

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“Originality thrives in seclusion free of outside influences beating upon us to cripple the creative mind.  Be alone—that is the secret of invention: be alone, that is when ideas are born.”

~ Nikola Tesla


Most of the U.S. appears to be shutting down for a long winter’s nap to hopefully stave off the spread of COVID-19.  Some might feel horrified or concerned about being cooped up at home for a long stretch, but I bet introverts like me will just take it in stride.  I secretly enjoy having social engagements canceled and effectively being given spare hours to fill as I please.

With this new (hopefully short-lived!) reality upon us, here are some Dos and Don’ts during our self-imposed quarantine.

Do keep a positive attitude. 

It does no one any good to get all doom and gloom about things.  From the sound of it, there’s a decent probability that most of us will get a taste of COVID-19.  Many will have mild or no symptoms, and only a small fraction will have a severe or lethal experience.

I’m not suggesting sticking our heads in the sand.  Instead, be careful about your social interactions and take care of yourself and others.  It’s comforting to see our country pulling together in this time of crisis.  Let’s focus on keeping those good vibes in place. . . dare I say it?. . . permanently.

Do spend your newly created downtime in positive ways. 

Learn something new, catch up on your reading, or find some other positive way to spend your time.  Family games or doing crafts or other projects with your kids would also be a terrific use of your time.  Poke around online, as there are numerous great options popping up all over.

For example, I saw yesterday that the Metropolitan Opera will be livestreaming some of their past opera performances over the next few weeks.  This is an excellent opportunity to see some fine performances for free!  (With the side benefit of cheaper snacks.)  I also came up this link on Travel and Leisure, which outlines famous museums that offer virtual tours.

Don’t spend your free time on social media or glued to the news. 

Periodically check the news, but don’t get sucked into the negative spiral of internet news and social media.  Keep your wits about you and question the sources of all the information you find.  There is, unfortunately, a preponderance of fearmongering and misinformation to be had with a click of your mouse.  Don’t get yourself sucked into panic – it isn’t worth it!

Do your taxes. 

What a gift of time from the universe!  Since everything is effectively canceled, you now have ample time to prepare your taxes.  (Talk about a positive attitude!)

Don’t continue spending like you usually do. 

While canceling your entire social life is bound to save you some money in your monthly budget, resist the urge to redirect that entertainment money into online shopping.  We face unknown economic conditions for the next few months, so the wisest course of action is to stash your spare moolah in case of emergencies.

Do take some time to purge your files or declutter. 

If you need a good project to avoid filling your days with endless scrolling or binge-television watching, take this opportunity to purge your files or undertake some decluttering projects.  You’ll feel accomplished, but also lighter, as a result.


How about you?  How do you plan to spend your quarantine time?  Share below!  Or if you want to start a discussion with some like-minded friends, join the free SimpleMoney Community on Facebook to share your thoughts!

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