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It may sound odd to talk about being in a relationship with money, but I believe this is a real dynamic.  As with any healthy relationship, you need to square up and straighten out your relationship with your money to have more financial freedom and abundance in your life.

At one time or another, all of us have had the unpleasant experience of a bad relationship.  Regardless of whether it was with a spouse, family member, or friend, negative relationships are a drain on us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  The same negative patterns exist with money.

Here are five tips to improve your relationship with your financial life.

Change your mindset about money.  First and foremost, you must commit to thinking about your money differently.  Perhaps you feel frustrated and angry about your lack of money.  Or maybe you feel stressed and anxious about your financial situation.  But remember money is not your enemy.  Money is a tool, and a friendly one at that.  Resolve to hold money in a positive light and to change the way you think about it.

Respect and support your money.  If you don’t respect your friends, you won’t have them for long.  Friends and family need your support at times.  They also provide support for you in your times of need.  The same is true for money.  Take care of your money and treat it with respect.  Make your money work hard for you by providing the right environment for that work to occur.  Don’t leave money lazing around: Put it in its rightful place.  Don’t lose your money carelessly – keep a close eye on it.

Seek to understand your money.  People are different and getting along with others requires understanding and accepting their differences.  Too often people make excuses about personal finance being too complicated and hard to understand.  As a result, they flounder around and never improve their financial lives.  This is a mistake that’s easy to remedy.  While certain aspects of personal finance can be complex, the vast majority of it is simple.  With some patience, effort, and the right mindset, anyone can learn how to be more successful with his or her money.

Foster growth in your money.  This tip is hugely important.  In all successful relationships, you never hold the other person back.  Instead, you do whatever you can to support them and help them grow into their full capabilities.  This is true with your money, too.  Provide savings and investment vehicles to let your money “do its thing.”  Marvel at the power of compound interest!  Watch how hard your money can work for you, if only given a chance.

Likewise, let your money help you grow.  One of your best investments is in yourself.  It’s always important to improve your job skills but also seek out other education that stretches your understanding of the world when you can.  Your earning ability is your greatest asset during your working years.  Protect and grow that asset.  But don’t forget to invest in yourself to grow as a person.

Don’t forget that your relationship with money is a real relationship.  With respect and understanding, your relationship can blossom and thrive.  Help your money grow and reach its full potential.  But also use your money to help YOU grow to reach your full potential.  The key is that it all starts with changing your mindset.

Start today to think differently about your money.  Instead of being a slave to your money, become the boss of it.  With care and respect, your money will fall in line, work hard for you and behave, leading to a mutually abundant relationship.

This relationship with money is one of my Six SimpleMoney Power Habits.  It, along with five other insights, will get you on the road to success with your financial life.  I created a free PDF report accessible at with other ways to build powerful financial habits.


*This article was previously published in WNC Woman Magazine.


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