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Hooray for big milestones!  Today’s post is the one hundredth post I have written for this blog, and I could not be more excited about our SimpleMoney project and its progress.  I started producing blog posts in November of 2017, but the SimpleMoney website did not officially launch until March 4, 2018.

I’m proud of the wealth of information about personal finance and simplicity we offer on the site.  The search function on the blog page is effective, but if you search for something and cannot find it, please let me know.  My aim is for this website to become a comprehensive source for information about your finances and how to simplify them.

I have plenty of topics on my list for posts to come, but I welcome your input, too!  In the meantime, check out some of the popular posts in these categories:

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Popular Savings Posts

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Popular Retirement Posts

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Thanks for your continued support of SimpleMoney.  We have lots more to come – our courses and membership will be launching in August 2018, and my first book should be out in 2019.

So buckle your seat belt!


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