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For a few years now, I’ve been posting my annual simplicity goals and then giving you updates as the year progresses.  In January of 2020, I posted a more modest version of my simplicity goals for that year.

And then, of course, the pandemic hit, throwing every one of us into a tailspin.  My 2020 ended up NOTHING like I anticipated at the beginning of the year.  (I’ll provide more details on my year in an upcoming post.)  Nevertheless, I did pretty darn well on the simplicity goals I set, with a humongous “assist” from quarantine.

Without further ado, here are my 2020 simplicity goals, and how they turned out:

Declutter the damn garage

This is embarrassing.  Truly.  This was my goal for both 2019 and 2020, and I failed miserably.  This should have been a piece of CAKE given the extra time we were all blessed with when Covid turned the lights out on our social lives.  But despite that gift of time, I spent it on other things.  Last year, I went so far as to say we’d declutter the garage or die trying.  Yikes.

Greg has actually been working quite a bit on the garage this month, for reasons wholly unrelated to my silly simplicity goal.  Once he has made a good dent in it, I’ll get out there and work on the, ahem, far smaller amount of MY stuff.

Yeah, right.

Read the books I have

Now that we have covered my colossal failure from 2020, let’s talk about the simplicity goals I nailed.

I made a lofty reading goal for 2020: read 120 books, and have half those come from my existing shelves (instead of buying new/used books).  How’d I do?  Pretty well, I’d say.  I read 101 books, and 42 of those books came from my shelves.  Add in the eight library books I read, and I hit the 50% mark.

The unexpected downside, however, was that many of those shelf books I read did not then actually exit my home.  Instead, there were books I wanted to keep for one reason or another.  So much for good intentions.

In any case, I’m calling this one a win.

Do more batch cooking

Here’s a goal that should feel like a failure, and yet it doesn’t.  I can’t credit myself for doing more batch cooking, but the pandemic lit a fire under my husband with regard to cooking.  He’s been making meals almost every day for us, eliminating the need for ME to do much of the cooking.  That’s simpler, right?  Right??

The pandemic eliminated most of our dining out, so we relied heavily on our pantry and Greg’s culinary prowess.  I’ll sum up by saying, we ate very well last year.  It’s a win-win, because he’s been happy concocting new dishes, and I’ve been happily cooking so little that I might have forgotten how.

Schedule one “do nothing” day each month, and stick to it

This goal was laughably easy in 2020.  Nothing like a stay-at-home order to provide all the time needed for rest.  Ironically, I worked more and harder in 2020 than I had in the previous year, but I still managed to carve out at least one day per WEEK to do nothing.  So, in my book, I kicked this goal’s butt.

The trick will be to maintain my down-time momentum when the world opens back up and we’re back to more normal living.  Of course, maybe we’ll never be back to the old way of living – I rather hope some of the lessons of staying home will stick.


All in all, I had a respectable showing for my 2020 simplicity goals.  Thanks for following along on my journey to a simpler life!

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