Episode 15: Get Out of Debt

Are there good debts and bad debts? What is the best method to get out of debt once and for all? Dawn breaks it down and gives you the tools you need to end your debt.

2 responses to “Episode 15: Get Out of Debt

  1. I paid off my student loans & credit cards 12 years ago.I still have a mortgage which I hate having. In January i bought a new car for cash! First time ever. My old car i had for 18 years. The salesman tried his best to have me finance at least part of it. Said no, if I can’t pay cash then I can’t afford it.

    I feel very fortunate not to have any medical debt. I know a medical emergency can ruin a financial plan.

    It’s hard to get out of debt, but worth it

    1. Wow, good for you, Connie! I guess we can assume that car salesman make some money from the financing, huh. That stinks. Good for you sticking to your guns. Thanks for listening, and weighing in on the debt phenomenon. ūüôā

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