Episode 86: The Minimalist Home, A Book Review

Interested in books about minimalism? Joshua Becker wrote a great one, and here is Dawn’s review of it.

2 responses to “Episode 86: The Minimalist Home, A Book Review

  1. This sure is in line with the retirement conversation, isn’t it? So many people holding on to big houses, and lots of stuff, rather than scaling to a lifestyle in harmony with our time in life and our financial and physical parameters. Loved this book, and think we need more like it, especially re time of life. Also loved the Swedish Art of Death Cleaning (title)for the same reason, though she didn’t really get into the financial issues.

    1. Hi Leia, You are so right! The nice thing is that we are seeing more and more people embracing the “death cleaning” and minimalism concepts. That is good news overall, but what will become of the huge houses and mountains of stuff? Should be interesting …

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