Episode 39: Should You Buy or Rent Your Home?

Owning a home is part of the American Dream, right? Not so fast. Home ownership is not for everyone. In this episode, hear about what questions you should ask and what factors you should consider when thinking about buying a home.

2 responses to “Episode 39: Should You Buy or Rent Your Home?

  1. I grew up in the expat community where we were moving every few years. My parents decided to buy a place where they wanted to eventually retire to, and we rented in each country we moved to. Renting meant we could afford to live in nicer neighbourhoods we could never afford to buy a house in. When my parents retired, their retirement house was paid for as they’d rented it out for more than the mortgage and other costs. I’d suggest to those who are younger and single to buy a small place you could retire to in the future, that is easy to rent out if need be, so that even if you do get married or have a family, you still have a retirement location if you separate, or can sell it to buy a place with your partner and you’ll have proven to your bank that you pay back your mortgage and have a good history.

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