Episode 31: Personal Finance is Like Laundry

You can knock out all your laundry in one day and feel great. But it will be back! Most housework chores follow this pattern, and they are never-ending. Personal finance is similar. Staying on top of your finances is the best approach, because dealing with your money is not going to go away.

4 responses to “Episode 31: Personal Finance is Like Laundry

  1. Good housework analogy…the discipline required to the repetitive task of personal finance does have a greater reward over time, but the day to day is not glamorous.

  2. Home run on this one. I learned the zen of appreciating laundry and dishes as signs that me daily needs are met. If we can’t master doing the dishes as they come along how can we expect to have financial discipline or as I see it appreciation for money to manage.

    1. Right! I think too often people lump financial tasks into the “yuck bucket” and therefore procrastinate doing them. Just like it’s way worse to have to clean a sink full of dishes versus a few, keeping up with your money makes it less painful. Thanks for chiming in!

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