Episode 114: Cutting Expenses Has limits: Here is What Doesn’t

In this short episode, engage in a thought experiment to brainstorm ways to increase the money flowing into your life.

2 responses to “Episode 114: Cutting Expenses Has limits: Here is What Doesn’t

  1. I am retired, so it was challenging to come up with was to make $5,000.00not touching in saving, investment or retirement accounts. I have recently downsized so I have nothing I could sell (sold 2nd car in June). I could tutor (30 year’s of primary teaching) I could pet sitting or I could organize people,events,or anything. I could life coach, retirement couch or several other types. This was a really fun exercise. I didn’t see anything I could do at. The beginning and in a few moments I was excited!

    1. Hi Judy! Sorry to be delayed on replying! Hope your holidays were great! I’m glad you enjoyed the exercise. I think it is wise to think about things like that from time to time so you feel more relaxed about the “what if.” Good for you for sticking with it, even after your initial inability to come up with ideas. Yay!

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