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Last week, I shared my recap on how my simplicity goals went in 2019.  It was a mixed bag.  So, logical type-A person that I am, I’ll make it even harder for myself in 2020.  Ha!

Seriously, I thought I might just have to repeat all my 2019 goals, but instead, I decided on one repeater and three new ones.  Here goes:

Declutter the damn garage

This is my repeat goal from 2019.  If you read last week’s installment, you got the full story.  Here, I’ll just say that we decluttered it, and then the garage gremlins undid our work.  Or something like that.

Therefore, in 2020, we are finally going to conquer the garage.  Or die trying.

Read the books I have

I considered a no-spend month (or year) on books.  I have lots of books I can read, and I do own a library card.  But I love to have books, I love to buy books, and frankly, doing without would just suck the joy out of my life.

Instead, I realized that it would make me happy if I just made a concerted effort to read many of the books I already have, without limiting buying new ones if I choose to.

For 2019, I set the lofty goal to read 100 books.  (Prior to that, my record was 85 books in one year back in 2001.)  I didn’t quite make my goal, but I came close — I read 99 books!  I was pretty pleased with that effort.

Naturally, my competitive spirit has upped the ante for 2020, and my goal is 120 books.  I’ll make a point to have at least half of them be books I already have on my shelf as of today.

Do more batch cooking

This one was inspired by one of the members of the SimpleMoney Community on Facebook.  We do a little bit of batch cooking currently, but I know we can do better.  I also aim to improve my eating habits a bit more this year (I try for incremental improvements each year on my health), so batch cooking more frequently will definitely help that effort.

It is usually the starch part of our meals (pasta, rice, potatoes) that sees the most batch-cooking action.  Vegetables and meat have also worked, but more like one extra meal’s worth.  I would like to be sure to have lots of cooked veggies ready for the week to make our speedy meals healthier.  I would also like to try some more casserole-type dishes.  A few years ago, I did that with great success, so it is unclear to me why I stopped.

Schedule one “do nothing” day each month, and stick to it

In the past, I have definitely blocked out days in my calendar to prevent obligations from occupying every single day of the month.  However, having a completely free day doesn’t prevent me from working at home.

This year, I would like to focus on truly doing nothing productive on at least one day per month.  I can read, putter around the house, and maybe do a bit of writing if I feel moved to, but no work, errands, or social obligations.  Quiet time will be the focus.

Some of you might be rolling your eyes at this one, thinking it would be a cinch.  You have no idea how difficult this is for me.  If I were betting, I would sincerely put my money on my finishing all the other goals on this list before this one.

But I do like a challenge. . .


Thanks for following along on my journey to a simpler life!

Do you have simplicity goals for 2020?  If so, what are they?  Share below!  Or if you want to start a discussion with some like-minded friends, join the free SimpleMoney Community on Facebook to share your thoughts!

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2 responses to “My Simplicity Goals for 2020

  1. I’d also like to try batch cooking but what I’ve read doesn’t really appeal or seem to save a whole lot of time because there’s still cooking to do each day. Would like to hear how you go with it!

    1. Hi Phillipa! My approach to batch cooking has always been to make extra, then have it for 1-2 meals later that week. For example, I might make 2-3x the amount of veggies, pasta, and meat, have it tonight, and then have the leftovers 1-2 more times this week. That saves me time because it is just reheating vs cooking every day. On occasion I have had success doing things such as making a whole extra lasagne (or other casserole type meal) and dividing it into portions and freezing. I don’t do that very often though. I’m thinking of ways I could do more batch cooking. (P.S. I keep typing “cookies” instead of “cooking” so I must be hungry!!)

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