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Since this is a blog and not a podcast or video, I won’t break into song a la Kelly Clarkson.*  I will, however, share what my wishes are for YOU, dear reader, this holiday season.

I wish that you would. . .

. . . stop being intimidated by finances

I’m fond of saying that personal finance is not rocket science, and I stand by that assertion.  I do recognize, however, that it is easy for me to say, since I’ve lived and breathed personal finance for the past twenty-three years or so.  Too much of what we hear about money in the news makes it sound complicated and scary.  And it doesn’t have to be either – it can be simple.

. . . shift into a debt-free mindset

We’ve gotten to the point in this country where we’ve normalized using debt to buy what we want, when we want it, instead of when we can actually afford it.  This is a dangerous mindset, and a slippery slope when times get tough.  Shift your thinking toward saving for what you want, and you’ll enjoy a much lower stress level as a result.

. . . see yourself as worthy of having wealth

I don’t mean the ostentatious sort of wealth here, people!  Rather, I mean that you are worthy of having financial security and abundance in your life.  The deep dark secret is that until you deem yourself worthy, you won’t really have the capacity to make it happen.  Mindset must precede action.

. . . share your wealth with those less fortunate

You may already be a generous person, and if so, that is great.  But if you struggle with making ends meet, and as a result, you feel unable to help those that are less fortunate, I challenge you to rethink your position.  If money is tight, give back with your time.  You won’t be truly wealthy until you can be generous and give back.

And lastly, I wish that you would have a financially stress-free holiday season!


Thanks for being a supporter of SimpleMoney this year.  I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish in 2020!


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*Kelly Clarkson’s song, “My Grown-Up Christmas List” is a good one, though!








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