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Half the year is over, folks!  It’s hard to believe, and yet, at the same time, I suspect we’ll all be happy to see the tail end of this bizarre year.  In January, I announced my simplicity goals for the year, and I’m happy to report that I’m making decent progress on them.  My intention is to further simplify my life by choosing specific areas in which to work.  Here is the update on my four simplicity goals.

Declutter the damn garage

Progress is definitely being made.  The garage is mostly Greg’s domain, and he’s been making an admirable effort.  During the spring when the pandemic moved into full swing, several donation bags and boxes accumulated.  Those are getting moved to their final destination this week.

The next big push once those items have departed is the section of the garage that Rowan and I occupy.  This is about one quarter, or perhaps one third of the space in the garage.  Objective number one on this phase will be to reposition some things to add a white storage cabinet that is currently in the house.

We have undertaken a different project in the house: we are cleaning out the little “cubby” in the den that served as Rowan’s arts and crafts area.  We have an open loft area upstairs that had no particular function, so we bought a lovely Ikea cabinet and some shelves and a large-surfaced desk for her to work up there.

The den cubby contains an old white storage cabinet.  We have two more that match it in the garage, and this third one is destined to join them.  Have you ever had a piece (or pieces) of furniture that are just so darned useful that you keep them despite their, um, lack of youthful appearance?  These white cabinets are like that.  They were inexpensive initially and inherited from one of my parents’ moves well over a decade ago.  The three of them together will give us closed storage space in the garage.

More to do, but the garage project is definitely underway.

Read the books I have

Ok, I am KILLING IT on this goal.  I’ve got a big reading goal for this year, and part of the deal was that I wanted to clear off some of my bookshelves.  I only have books on my shelves now that I want to read, and some books I keep to reread or reference in the future.  But I was getting a bit down about the number of books I’ve accumulated in recent years that I’ve not read.

In order to address the book overpopulation, plus my desire to cut back on the books I’m buying, I vowed to utilize the library more and to read books off my shelves.  Well, Covid-19 pretty much wiped out my early efforts at using the library for books I want to read but do not already own.  Our library is now partially open, so I’ll continue to make attempts there.

As of this writing, I’ve read 27 books (of my total 54 to date) off my shelves.  When completed, some of these books will be retained for future reference, but most are leaving the house to find new homes elsewhere.  Yippee!  It has actually been fun to go “book shopping” on my shelves.  I’ve definitely found some books I entirely forgot I had, which makes it new to me a second time.  Fun!

Do more batch cooking

Nope.  Not even a little bit.  This goal has been derailed, but for a reason I never would have suspected.  Due to the pandemic, Greg got seriously motivated to start making bread and delicious meals.  His major contribution to our trimming our expenses during this period of decreased income has been his grocery shopping and cooking skills.

I have cooked fewer than a handful of meals since March, and I’m not even sorry about it.  He’s been having fun with this challenge, and Rowan and I are the happy beneficiaries of his creations.

Schedule one “do nothing” day each month, and stick to it

Well, the pandemic definitely provided an “assist” on this one.  This is the second of my four simplicity goals that I am completely crushing.  In January and February, I was doing an admirable job of finding at least a couple days per month to “do nothing.”  Then the pandemic and ensuing quarantine kicked in.

Most every weekend since March, I have had at least one, if not two, days to rest and do almost nothing productive.  I was originally aiming for one day per MONTH, and I’m managing one day per WEEK of rest and lack of productive activity.  It’s glorious, I must say, and it has really improved my mental health.

I expected this goal to be the hardest for me to implement, but it has turned out to be the easiest of the bunch.  Let’s hear it for silver linings even in the midst of a terrible health crisis!


We’ll see how the rest of the year goes, and I’ll keep at my goals.

Are you working on simplicity goals this year?  If so, what are they?  Share your thoughts and let’s chat.  Here’s how:

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