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It is still a week or so before summer officially begins, but it’s already feeling like summer where we live.  While it’s true that fall is my favorite time of year for purging, honestly, I aim to have four-season decluttering projects.  Here are the summer decluttering projects I’ll be working on.

Outdoor items

This one is pretty obvious.  As you are pulling out the gear you need for summer, take a good long look at what you have.  Did you not use some items last summer, and they are just sitting in the attic, garage, or closet gathering dust?  Camping gear, porch furniture, summer toys, gardening equipment: it’s all up for consideration.  Since we store these items in our garage, this will fit in nicely into my goal to finally declutter the garage this year.

Kid stuff

When the days are hot and you would prefer to have an indoor project, summertime is a good time to tackle kid stuff.  If not kept in check, kid stuff multiplies like rabbits and can threaten to overcome entire sections of your home.  There are a few categories of kid stuff to consider.

You can start with your kids’ bedrooms for a thorough clean-out of clothes that no longer fit, toys that are no longer played with, and general kid junk that accumulates.  Your best approach would be to collaborate with your child on this, unless you have a child that doesn’t mind your digging through their belongings.  You might have to provide an incentive to get them engaged and focused on the project.

Other kid stuff to declutter would be school supplies and gear.  Mend or discard torn backpacks, purge chewed pencils and empty pens, and organize what you plan to keep for the coming school year.

Don’t forget to tackle the endless sea of child-related paper and artwork.  While the kids are occupied outside, choose their best arts and crafts to display, and then box the rest and store it in the closet.  If a few months go by without your child noticing the absence of his creative work, feel free to dispose of it.  Using this interim step allows you the ability to retrieve a piece of art that was more important to your child than you realized.


The Covid-19 pandemic has offered us a gift: a silver lining, if you will.  By forcing us to eliminate all our social and other obligations for an extended period, we have had the chance to evaluate with fresh eyes what activities we truly treasure, and which ones were engaged in out of habit or sense of obligation.  Don’t squander this gift!  Instead, spend the summer solidifying the new habits and activities you might have formed during the quarantine, and promise yourself that you will be more discerning going forward before mindlessly agreeing to obligations.


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