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Not many people get as excited about financial stuff as I do.  Some think it is hard to understand.  Others think it is boring.  Still others think it is hard AND boring!  I am under no delusion that by simply writing about money, I will convince you that financial matters are exciting and fun. What I do believe is that by sharing some basic information, I hope you’ll begin to see money as understandable, attainable, vital to your well-being, and unintimidating.

It has long been my professional mission to help people understand money – to explain how financial things work, to take away the sense that money is evil and best left undiscussed.  Like it or not, money has a very big hold on our lives in this society.  The best course of action is, in my view, to learn what you need to learn, consult with a professional on things when you need to, and be the master of your money, rather than a slave to your money.

While I don’t profess financial planning is always an entertaining topic, hopefully this blog will make it interesting and digestible. And who knows? Maybe fun as well. Money is certainly more fun when you’re in control of it and understand its potential for enriching your life. My goal is to help you move along your money path. As a result, most any money topic is fair game.

I will also weave in my other passion – simple living.  I believe that regardless of where you find yourself on the economic spectrum, you can make changes in your financial life to make things more streamlined and simple, and subsequently more manageable and fulfilling.

Earlier in my career, I spent years doing a call-in financial radio show in Asheville called “Money Matters.” So, I understand many of us learn best by listening. If that’s your preference, I’m including a podcast that covers a variety of financial topics. My years doing radio were proof that I have no qualms about blathering on about money – in a good way!

I also believe in equipping others with smart tools and resources, and I will continually add what I find to this blog. Some are resources that I have personally developed over the years, some were created by my team at my financial planning firm, and others are excellent resources I have found elsewhere. I am citing those outside resources so you can go directly to the source for more information.

Lastly, I am developing a webinar series designed to help you get your financial house in order.  These classes should be available in the summer of 2018.

I hope you’ll join me and let me know what you think. If you’re hoping to make your financial life a little simpler and easier to wrangle, you’ve come to the right place. I want to help you be free from the stress of struggling to understand money and how to make it work for you. And I want to help you whip your money into shape and simplify your financial life. That’s where we are headed and guess what’s at the end of the journey? Abundance! It’s right there waiting for you, and I’m your trusty Sherpa. Join me!

Feel free to comment below and share your money pain points – what would you like to see discussed on SimpleMoney?

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