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Episode 81: The Power of Waiting

Want to revolutionize your financial life? Learn to be patient and wait. In this episode, Dawn explains why patience is indeed a virtue in the world we live in today.

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Episode 80: Budgeting for Homeschooling

Homeschooling your children can be really expensive, or with a little bit of planning, it can be inexpensive. As a homeschooling mom, Dawn has learned a lot about ways to be budget-savvy when it comes to homeschooling.

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Episode 74: When There is More Month than Money

Do you ever get to the end of your monthly income before you get to the end of the month? It happens to everyone at some point! Here are some tips to improvise through a financial shortfall and how to avoid a repeat performance.

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Episode 65: When a Busy Mind Gets in the Way of Minimalism

Are you a busy person who aspires to the simple life? Are you conflicted because you want minimalism, but really, truly love your busy life? Dawn shares her journey and discusses why we are all on a different path when it comes to simplicity. Relax and enjoy where you are, regardless how busy, so long as it is busyness you CHOOSE.

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Episode 64: Honor Your Money History

How did you learn about money? Did you have good money role models growing up, or poor ones? Either way, you learned some lessons. Honor your past and vow to improve the financial knowledge you pass on to the next generation.

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Episode 54: Why You Should Work Longer Before You Retire

Many factors play a role in why today's retirement will look a whole lot different from the retirement our parents and grandparents had. Hear the bad news and the good news about retirement planning today. Be proactive so you can thrive for your years in whatever form of retirement you choose.

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Episode 53: Organize Your Holiday Shopping

It's never too late! Use a paper list or spreadsheet, but use this simple three-step method to get organized and manage your holiday budget. So many benefits come from approaching the holidays with a plan!

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Episode 48: Budget is NOT a Four-Letter Word

Let's put a positive spin on budgets, shall we? Learn to love budgeting as a way to bring awareness to your financial life. Focusing on your spending might just help you achieve those big financial goals you have, too!

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Episode 47: The Importance of White Space in Life and Money

Adding some buffer in your life is incredibly valuable if you are trying to simplify. Whether it is space around your belongings or around your weekly obligations, white space matters. You know where else it matters? In your financial life. Listen to some tips on how to create white space in your financial life.

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Episode 43: Dial Back Expectations to Save Money

Spending money on eating out, entertainment, and "retail therapy" can be detrimental to your budget. In this episode, learn a strategy to change your mindset and dial back your expectations of what constitutes a good time or a good reward.

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Episode 42: Starting a Business is Hard

Starting a business, especially when it involves taking on substantial debt, is not for sissies. Dawn shares her own experiences and gives you a framework for thinking about risks you may or may not be ready to undertake if you start a business.

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Episode 41: Should Giving Be Part of Your Budget?

When your finances are tight, sometimes sacrifices need to be made. When your finances are on track and doing well, you might expand your giving goals. Hear a run-down about things to think about when giving is part of your budget.

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Episode 39: Should You Buy or Rent Your Home?

Owning a home is part of the American Dream, right? Not so fast. Home ownership is not for everyone. In this episode, hear about what questions you should ask and what factors you should consider when thinking about buying a home.

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Episode 37: When You Don’t WANT to Retire

Think you'll work forever, and therefore you don't need to save for retirement? Maybe that will pan out, and maybe it won't. The best approach is to plan for financial independence - that point in the future that your money will have grown large enough to support you if necessary or desired. In this episode, Dawn runs through the strategy and gives you the key things to consider as you create your long-term plan.

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Episode 33: It’s All About the WHY

Making meaningful changes of any sort in our lives requires work, persistence, and diligence. There are no easy fixes! Money is no different. Learn the two important steps to changing our mindset and taking the necessary path to achieve our financial goals.

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Episode 32: Five Simple, Inexpensive Luxuries

A hallmark of simple living is to enjoy the small things. When our budgets are tight, it is easy to forget to provide some small enjoyments along the way. In this episode, Dawn shares five inexpensive things we can do for ourselves to reward us while we are working hard to achieve our financial goals.

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Episode 31: Personal Finance is Like Laundry

You can knock out all your laundry in one day and feel great. But it will be back! Most housework chores follow this pattern, and they are never-ending. Personal finance is similar. Staying on top of your finances is the best approach, because dealing with your money is not going to go away.

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Episode 30: Don’t Avoid Dealing with Your Finances

Ignoring your finances can cause big issues. Don't avoid dealing with your money just because it is complicated. And don't avoid dealing with your money if you are experiencing a shortage. Face your financial problems head-on to avoid even bigger problems.

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Episode 28: Give Your Money a Job AND Tools for Money Management

Is your money just lounging around being unproductive, or worse yet, does it run right out on you and get into trouble? Whip those dollars into shape!  In the second part of the episode, Dawn gives tips on various ways to manage your money and helps you identify the best approach for your situation.

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Episode 25: Managing Your Money on the Road

If you travel for extended periods of time, you will have to deal with your finances. This episode looks at some tips for dealing with paper, cash flow, and credit management while on the road. Even if you don't do extended travel, you'll find great tips for money management in this episode.

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Episode 19: Mothers and Money

Historically, women have not been empowered when it comes to their finances. Fortunately, that is changing. Dawn offers several money lessons that mothers should be sure to pass along to their daughters to continue the progress of women's financial literacy.

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Episode 15: Get Out of Debt

Are there good debts and bad debts? What is the best method to get out of debt once and for all? Dawn breaks it down and gives you the tools you need to end your debt.

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Episode 10: How Homeschooling Saves AND Costs You Money

Making the unconventional choice to homeschool your children can save you money, IF you are careful.  But there are also many ways this method of education could actually cost more than traditional schooling.  Dawn shares her family's experience with both savings and additional costs through their decision to homeschool.

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Episode 9: Goal setting for the win!

Continuing where episode 3 left off, Dawn digs deeper into how to set great goals and achieve them. Two techniques are covered - breaking goals down into bite-sized pieces and the concept of always moving the "goal post."

Episode 6: My Simplicity Story

Dawn Starks outlines her path to SimpleMoney. She describes the great challenges she faced in building a financial planning practice, as well as the challenges of becoming a minimalist within her own family.

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Episode 1: Why Simple Money?

Dawn Starks gives an introduction to the SimpleMoney blog and podcast and describes how the project is the intersection of her two passions - personal finance and simplicity.