Dawn Starks

Financial Planner

I have been a financial planner for more than two decades.  My aim with my financial planning work has always been to simplify things for clients.  Making concepts easier to grasp and less scary is the goal.

I want clients’ financial lives to be easier because of the work of my firm.   Now I have a team of seven other compassionate, awesome human beings who work with me to continue the mission of my firm.  If you are curious, you can read more about my firm and me with a simple Google search.


Over the years I have also been fascinated with – perhaps even addicted to – studying and reading about simple living and minimalism.  Because my career is stressful, and my life is very full, I am definitely a work in progress when it comes to implementing minimalist practices.  But I’m working on it.  And I am a firm believer that it is the journey, not the destination, that counts.  Read more about my simplicity story here.


Writing for me is now coming full circle.  As a child, I loved to write.  Over the years of my planning career, I’ve had numerous articles published in local magazines.  The SimpleMoney blog was launched in 2018 and continues to provide an outlet for me to share my thoughts about personal finance, simple living, productivity, books, and improving one’s mindset when it comes to money.

My first book, Simplify Your Financial Life, was published in March 2020, and I could not be more excited about it.


I love teaching.  I spent several years early in my career teaching undergraduates, adult students, and fellow professionals about financial planning and corporate finance subjects.  My financial planning practice is as successful as it is, I believe, due to my ability to translate heady, complex financial topics into language and examples that a layperson can understand.

My love for teaching also shows up personally.  My husband, Greg, and I homeschooled our only child, Rowan from kindergarten through fifth grade.

I’m here to help

At SimpleMoney, my mission is two-fold.  First, I want to help people understand that personal finance is not rocket science.  Regardless of what you think about your math and money skills, you CAN learn about your finances and improve your life.

Managing your money can be simple.

My second mission is to spread the word about simple living and minimalism.  Moving away from consumerism and toward the simple life will surely help your finances, but it will also reduce your stress level.

Living the simple life is a journey, not a destination.  Simplifying your financial life is possible.  I look forward to sharing the journey with you.


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